Ninja Kids 2017

Ninja Kids:
Safe, Engaging Fun for Active Kids!

Our Ninja Kids program combines fun, learning and safety in a fun and energetic environment. Geared toward active boys and girls from three years of age up to 12, Ninja Kids provides the optimal environment to help your child hone his or her ninja skills while exercising and making new friends.

Each week, your child will spend an hour fine-tuning their athleticism while obtaining a foundation of martial arts. Each class encourages lots of freestyle movement so Ninja Kids become stronger and more flexible as well as highly focused. This approach help foster the discipline needed to navigate obstacles and perform flips, jumps and other maneuvers befitting of a true ninja.

Ninja Kids classes

These active and fun techniques and movements are taught by our highly-trained and certified personnel who have undergone complete training and testing. They work diligently to make sure that each child is engaged and active within a safe, supportive and controlled environment.

Our classes are broken down into four age groups to better facilitate engaging classes for each child as well as to ensure their safety:

  • Ages 3 and 4
  • Ages 5 and 6
  • Ages 7 and 8
  • Ages 9 through 12

At Rastelli Kids Complex, we strive to offer a variety of exciting classes that provide affordable options for families who want their kids to have fun while they are learning. Our Ninja Kids classes have an annual registration fee of $45. Monthly tuition is $72 each month. Contact us today as we mold the next generation of ninjas!

Ninja Kids Price