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One of the most powerful benefits of educational programs outside of the traditional school setting is a child’s increased willingness to try new things in a fun, stress-free environment!

Disconnect them from technology and let them grow emotionally and develop empowering life skills that build character. Character development is a critical component of our curriculum and is approached as part of our mission to build children’s social awareness. Traits such as respect for yourself and others, trustworthiness, responsibility, fairness, caring, citizenship, and kindness all lend themselves to a better experience for everyone.

Our children meet new friends, learn to share, work together... and in turn, develop friendship skills. They learn the importance of trust, cooperation, and meaningful friendships. Our children learn, laugh and grow together in a supportive, welcoming environment all year long! We don’t encourage them to fit in… We encourage them to be themselves and appreciate their uniqueness.

At RKC, we focus on 21st century readiness skills in children including leadership, communication, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration. We believe that these skills are critical to give kids an advantage in the rapidly changing world.

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