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Investing in your child’s healthy well-being is crucial for physical, social and intellectual development, and we know parents want their children in a trusted, quality program that offers nurturing, positive instruction.


Developing a sense of competence is an attribute that helps children navigate through their young lives into adulthood. Participation in athletics in a positive, safe atmosphere is a great way to boost self-esteem, teach resiliency and encourage a sense of community.

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When a child experiences a sense of mastery, their confidence in their own ability to succeed multiplies, making the next challenge more manageable and less daunting. This positive self-confidence is felt not only in the activity in which they participate, but in life as a whole.

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Through athletics, children develop physically, while also acquiring social skills and emotional flexibilities that will help them cope and recover from hardships; this is priceless when preparing them for future challenges.


At RKC, we offer incredible learning opportunities for children of all ages.

Select one of the following athletic programs to learn more:


RKC offers a range of gymnastics classes for children ages 18 months - 10 years old.


South Jersey Storm’s background is a humble one that began with a passion for all star cheerleading and a FAMILY FIRST philosophy.

SJS’s program was – and remains – successful because of dedicated, hard-working coaches and athletes.  


We offer many different classes here at SJS which are all open to the public. You do not have to be enrolled in a team to participate in classes! Our classes are taught by USASF Certified instructors who have all gone through a background check prior to employment with SJS

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